Give Away a Smile Today!

Comedienne Phyllis Diller once said “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” and the science proves her right!

Catch a Smile!

Not that we need scientific research to tell us that when we smile we feel better about the world. And what is more, people receiving our smile feel better about life too! What a gift to have! It is contagious. Emotionally contagious to be precise. Emotions are contagious so spread a little laughter around.

The Science

According to a researcher from Lund University in Sweden, mimicking a person’s bodily state or facial expression causes physical responses in the receiver’s body that are identical to those in the sender’s. When people use the muscle groups linked to specific emotions, their body will react as though they are really experiencing that emotion.

If you squint your eyes up and wriggle your nose and make a classic angry pose, your body will release some adrenaline and your heart rate may speed up as if you are really angry. Likewise, if you even just to pretend to smile by turning up the corners of your mouth and narrowing your eyes, your body will release serotonin, dopamine and other “feel-good” indicators. In the study by Hess and Blairy, participants reported feeling more happiness and sadness/depression relative to the emotions shown on the video they were watching.

Laughing is Even Better!

Laughter can help to relieve stress and has been shown to improve our immune system. Laughing has been described as like giving your innards a workout; massaging our inner organs.  When we laugh our blood pressure goes up and then comes down. We also stretch our lungs, relax our chests, and breathe easier. Laughter causes our bodies to release neurochemical compounds associated with an improved mood. When we can laugh at something, we change our perspective and our attitude.

It is hard to stay angry when laughing. As we laugh, we momentarily distract ourselves from our problems and, perhaps, even from our physical discomfort. Life is better when we can have a good laugh. When did you last have a really good side splitting laugh?

Some Smiling Facts

Small children smile about 400 times a day

Grown ups smile about 14 times a day

Women smile more than men

We are all born with the smiling instinct

It takes 43 muscles to frown but you need only use 17 to make a smile!

A massive grin might use 53 muscles – a good facial exercise!

Apparently we have about 18 different types of smile we use in social situations

A smile causes us to release serotonin, the happiness hormone

And if you needed any other reasons to smile -Regular smilers are seen as sincere and attractive!

Do let me know the last time that you had a really good laugh – and what it was that made you laugh!

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2 Responses to “Give Away a Smile Today!”

  1. Yana Berlin says:

    Besides the laugh lines and wrinkles, smile and laughter is the best medicine that makes everyone better.

  2. And wouldn’t you just know that women smile more than men!!

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