Get Rich Quick!

In times of economic downturn we can psychologically feel poor, even if our actual material condition has not changed. (Obviously if your job is at threat, or you are not in receipt of a regular income then your concern is real.) But for many of us the economic gloom is causing a less tangible feeling of somehow being under threat. We need to take back control of our thoughts and realise that even if we don’t have a lot of money, we are rich in so many other things.

Whatever your circumstances, whether you are rich in money or not, there will be areas of your life where you are truly rich, where you have wealth in abundance. Get in touch with your ‘HAPPINESS BANK’.

The Happiness Bank

Your happiness bank will be unique to you but research has shown that remembering happy events can cause our serotin levels to rise and raise our feelings of well being. The problem is, that with the news full of gloomy events and predictions, we have to make much more of a conscious effort to stop our thoughts following a negative path, leaving us feeling low and disatisfied.

So have a quick look at the deposits in your bank, your memories. Scientists have shown that people begin to smile and their serotonin levels rise at even the thought of watching a funny film. So it is with memories. See if you can bring to mind a particularly warm and happy memory for you. Maybe a great evening with friends, a special relationship you had, a time in your life when you were really happy. It probably won’t have much to do with the amount of money in your pocket.

Really take yourself into the memory, the sounds, sights, and smells of it. Close your eyes if it helps. I hope it’s making you smile. Dip into that bank regularly; unlike your actual bank account you can’t use it all up!

Create Some Deposits

Although you can’t use it up, you can add to it. You can even create your own little book of positivity as many of my coaching clients have done, when you jot down all the nice things that happen to you during the course of your week. Like a smile from a child, a cup of coffee with a good friend, a great book someone loaned you… it’s up to you. To make deposits you need to be aware of the world around you but instead of focusing on the negative aspects look for the good.

An Example

A few months back I was travelling home from London to Bath, stuck on a slip road trying to join the motorway. I was getting fed up, tired and hungry and beginning to feel a bit sorry for myself as all around me drivers were getting impatient and aggressive. My eyes alighted on a derelict spot by the side of the road, and I noticed a beautiful display of wild poppies. Their cheery splash of red made me smile spontaneously and lifted my mood. They were a vision of absolute beauty: they made it into my little book of positivity. Every time I pass that spot (usually at a crawl) even when they are out of season, I remember the poppies and smile.

Try it for a day. Don’t let the gloom mongerers control your mood, you control it! And as ever, let me know how you get on.


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  1. This is a fantastic article.
    I love the title.

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