Don’t Rush to Be First

Last in, First out!

If you want to come out on top, according to pyschologists at Carnegie Mellon University, make sure you are at the end of the queue; it doesn’t always pay to rush to be first.

Serial Position Effect

Serial position effect is a phenomenon whereby candidates who are seen last in job interviews, or exams, tend to be viewed more favourably.  The researchers tell us that this has also been observed in TV talent shows. Contestants who appear near the end of the show tend to get higher marks from the judging panel!

See if you can observe this phenomen yourself; and don’t rush to be first!


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One Response to “Don’t Rush to Be First”

  1. Very true, Jane, I have seen that play out with clients as they apply for jobs but at the same time you have to be careful where you are last in to. When you are last, you have to bring more value than those who were first. You have to shine with your talents and accomplishments. You may be top of mind but you want that top of mind to resonate because you are so wonderful that they couldn’t be ignored… thinking of Susan Boyle, perhaps… she definitely showed her value.

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