Don’t Be a ‘Has Been’!

One of my favourite quotes is this one from Lauren Bacall who, when asked about being an older actress, said: “I am not a has been- I am a will be!”

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking life stops at a certain age – because you never made it to the Corps de Ballet it’s all over for you now! It isn’t. You never stop learning and developing. There are always opportunities to realise new things about yourself from reading about different philosophies to creating a whole new career for yourself. Age is not a barrier.

So if you catch yourself saying something like “Well, in my day we…” STOP! You’re alive so it’s still YOUR DAY! Grab it with both hands and enjoy your life, all of your life!


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One Response to “Don’t Be a ‘Has Been’!”

  1. I totally agree. Someone once said to me “you can’t do that now you’ve got the children”. Well, I may not have started my business then but I spent very productive hours working towards it whilst looking after the family and working for others.

    Live for today and towards tomorrow – not in the past.

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