Does Lack of Confidence Make You Fat?

Women and Exercise

Recent research from the Public Health Agency of Canada asked 5,176 people how confident they were that they could exercise for half a day three or four times a week, how often they actually did work out, and how they felt about physical activity.

What they found was that a person’s belief in their own sporting abilities was highly significant in how often they worked out. And that women’s lack of belief in their physical prowess was holding them back!

Men, the researchers found, were 10% more likely to think they were physically strong enough to exercise than women were.

Also men were 40% more likely than women to go out and do some form of physical activity.

Sai Yi Pan, from the Public Health Agency of Canada, who led the study, said: “Our findings highlight the need for health promotion programs to enhance people’s confidence and motivation, as well as providing education on the health benefits of physical activity”.

Once again, if you say you can ,you can. If you say you can’t, you can’t. Both are equally true!

The research, which began in 2002 ,has just been published in the journal BMC Public Health; this link will take you to the BMC web site.

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8 Responses to “Does Lack of Confidence Make You Fat?”

  1. Sharon Lymposs says:

    Do I lack self belief ..yes, am I fat ..yes.
    Theory proved!

  2. Jane says:

    I prefer to use the term plumptious! It’s interesting though isn’t it? Why would exercise be any different to anything else in life? Have a bit of self belief and you’re half way there whatever you want to do, be it learning a new language or getting fit!

  3. Mary Baker says:

    Do I lack self belief… No, am I fat …yes well plumptious… so theory not proved.
    Although hang on a minute when was I first plumptious… before I had self belief?

    I’m really not sure about this one. I have to say I don’t think the Canadian report is correct. The findings are good but there is far more to not doing exercise than self – belief.
    Relaxing bath. bubbles and a glass of wine or out in the cold for a walk and chat with a friend.. oh the decisions!

  4. Jane says:

    Mary, do them all! Better think about in which order though….

  5. Caroline Pickford says:

    I had a treadmill, which ended up living in my lounge (long story). I pounded away 2 or 3 times a week and felt virtuous. I did this because I had a sore back which apparently would benefit from exercise, and a Stress course told me exercise would help. I also used to run up 3 floors at work and beat the lift. Luckily for me, you will see this is all in the past tense. I discovered dancing and sold the dreaded machine to some other sucker!! Dancing is much, much, more fun, and the buzz I get is amazing. I am really fit, have a social network, and don’t have to explain to people anymore why I have a treadmill behind the settee! What bliss. Motto- try to remember what releases your seratonin, and see if you can turn that into ‘exercise’

  6. Jane says:

    Dancing is a brilliant form of exercise and mood enhancer. My Mum, 80 years old, can never sit still when a great tune is playing and danced away for 5 hours last New Year’s Eve!

  7. Patricia Cresswell says:

    Jane I agree with your comment about dancing, which I link to your article on music. Anything by Barry White……

  8. Rachel Hubbard says:

    I’m in total agreement with the previous posts that suggest dance as the best exercise. I’ve been learning Arabic Dance (belly dance – call it what you will) for 9 years and it’s the best exercise for mind and body. You develop core strength, can lose weight if you really put energy into it but the best thing is the opportunity to celebrate real bodies and real women and female friendship. My only advice is don’t take it too seriously. I haven’t been dancing for the last couple of months because it got too serious (learning dances to perform, negotiating complex group dynamics etc.) and started to cause me a fair amount of stress. I’ll stick in future to doing it because I love it rather than making it more like a second career!

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