Some Coaching Questions for Women

Life Coaching for Women

One of the most common coaching dilemmas presented to me when coaching women is- how can I continue to make progress in my business/career as well as maintaining a good work life balance?

What makes a good work life balance varies from individual to individual but the issues for women are often around still trying to do it all, the curse of Superwoman! Like managing a home, being a carer for either children or elderly parents, general household tasks (studies still show that a higher percentage of housework is done by women regardless of status of work), let alone actually find some time for themselves!

Coaching Questions for Work Life Balance

These are some of the questions I ask when talking about work life balance with women. How do you feel about your answers?

1.) How many hours a week do you spend at work and travelling to work?

2.) How often do you think or worry about work (when you are not actually at work or travelling to work)?

3.) How do you feel about the amount of time you spend at work, travelling to work or thinking about it?

4.) How often do you take a lunch break lasting more than 30 minutes? Away from your desk/office?

5.) Do you ever miss out on quality time with your family and or friends because of pressure of work?

6.) Does work ever have a negative effect on your personal life?

7.) When was the last time you did something for yourself rather than for someone else?

8.) Do you ever feel anxious or upset because of what is happening at work?

9.) When was the last time you lost your temper at work?

10.) Do you ever feel tired or depressed because of work?

If you are unhappy with some of your answers it may be time to make some changes and to have an assertive conversation with significant people in your life, be that at work or home.


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