Change Your Life in 30 Minutes?

Is it possible to make significant changes in your life using just 30 minutes of your time each day?

Well, I think so. If you have had a dream or a plan in your head but haven’t yet done anything about it, try the thirty minute plan.

Break it down into several small tasks each lasting about thirty minutes. The important thing is to do something every day and in no time you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal!

So, if you have a dream to be a senior manager in your organisation, think about your first steps. Maybe you need to find a mentor? Take your first 30 minutes to jot down a list of all possible candidates for that role. Then take another thirty minutes on the next day to compose your request, either email or face to face, whatever seems appropriate in your case. In a week you should have a mentor! Maybe your next step is to look at job specifications for the role you next want. Take 30 minutes on one day to send off for some…I think you’ve got the general idea!

You’ll also find that after about three weeks it becomes something of a habit and easier to do.

It works for all sorts of things. Things you want to do but haven’t got around to, and things you don’t want to do and keep putting it off. 30 minutes is enough time to achieve something worthwhile but not so much time that it feels too daunting!

Just one word of caution; this doesn’t work with dieting! You really do have to do THAT all the time!

For more on this, take a look at this longer article which appeared in a recent newsletter.


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  1. What a great concept! As a life coach, goal setting is the key to making changes. And 30 minutes seems the perfect time to make a list, compose an email or make that important phone call to get the ball rolling. And once it’s rolling, watch out! You may just land that dream job!


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