Celebratory champagne waiting for you!Celebrate – It’s Good for You!

Are you a good celebrator? When did you last really celebrate and appreciate all the good things in your life?

Sociologists the world over have noted that we humans need to mark significant events. We have all sorts of ceremonies to help us note changes in our lives: weddings, funerals, baptisms, parties, birthdays and so on.

Don’t Wait

But we don’t have to wait for the next big event. Even the smallest of our successes deserve marking, maybe  just rewarding ourselves with coffee with a friend after a tricky piece of work.

Difficult Times

If you are in the middle of a difficult period, know that it will come to an end, and plan for how you will celebrate your coming through. Having something nice to anticipate will help you through it. Just think how much pleasure you can get out of planning your annual holiday, months before it actually happens. The same principle applies.

And if you have just come through a difficult time in your life, pat yourself on the back for getting to the other side and plan a small celebration. It may just involve you, it may involve others – you decide!

Never Too Late!

Think back over the last few months; have you missed any opportunities to celebrate? It’s not too late!  The good thing about celebrations is that you can have them at any time. So, don’t wait for the next family wedding (or funeral) to have a get together. You can organise one now!


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  1. Celebrating even small successes is well worth it. It’s motivating and confidence boosting. Thanks for the reminder!

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