Are YOU a Social Magnet?

Magnet by Arte ramIf you have social magnetism you will be the person that always seems to get stopped by people asking for directions; the one people gravitate towards at parties. It plays a significant role in business too.

Research has shown that people with social magnetism exhibit body language and facial expressions that other people find attractive and inviting, like smiling, and eye contact.

However, the biggest indicator is the amount of ‘closed’ or ‘open’ body language used. The more open your body language (i.e. turning to face the other person, arms not defensively crossed) the more of a social magnet you are, and the more of a social magnet you are the more encounters you have.

And the more encounters you have with other people, the more opportunities come your way! This applies to all areas of your life, personal and professional, work, romance, friends and family.

Look around at your peer group. How many social magnets do you know? Are YOU a social magnet?


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