A Short Visualisation for energy

A visualisation is thinking in pictures instead of words; to see ‘in your mind’s eye’.

Combined with relaxation it can help you access parts of the brain you don’t usually use so can be really useful at an event or meeting when you are trying to encourage participants to think differently.

Begin the visualisation by asking people to make themselves comfortable and it’s a good idea to give a comfort break before you start! Now either read this slowly to them or read it to yourself. Or you can record it and play it back to yourself!

The Creative Visualisation

Remember that you are always in control. If thoughts come into your mind that make you sad or unhappy just let them go and focus on something positive. This is designed to be a good experience for you, to help you begin to think differently.

Find a comfortable place to lie or sit down. Make sure you are well supported either in your chair or on the floor. Use a cushion if necessary. Don’t worry about any noises, yours or external ones. The aim is to go into your own space.

Move your position if you need to and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right for you. Close or lower your eyes so you are not in contact with me or anyone else in the room.

Notice your breathing. Just being aware of how we are breathing can change it. If you have had breathing problems then just breathe in a way that is comfortable for you.

On the next convenient out breathe breath out a bit extra, perhaps 3 counts longer than normal. This will cause you to breathe in more deeply and naturally enhance your breathing. Breathe normally for a couple of breaths, noticing how you are breathing.

Relax any tension that has accumulated in your shoulders. Let that feeling of relaxation flow down your arms into your fingertips. Feel it flowing along your trunk and into your legs making you feel relaxed and alert.

On the next out breath imagine all your old preconceived notions of how things are done flowing out of you, leaving you pure and unlimited in your thoughts. As you breathe out all the old notions are disappearing with your breath, dissolving into the atmosphere. You feel relaxed and open.

As you breathe in imagine that you are now open to all new vibrant, colourful thoughts and imaginings. In your mind’s eye see the breath travelling through your body, taking warmth and colour with it. You are filling up with a beautiful colour and energy. It is filling you with inspiration and creativity. With each breathe you take in imagine it adding to your creativity and intuition until you have a beautiful fund of energy to draw on today, in your hands, arms, trunk, legs and feet. You are full of a natural and positive radiance.

Bring your attention back to your breathing again. Notice how you are breathing. On the next appropriate out breath breathe out a little extra, causing your breathing to deepen naturally. Breathe normally for three breaths.

Notice how relaxed yet full of energy your body feels. If you can, with eyes still closed, gently shrug your shoulders, rotate them and let them relax. Feel your feet on the floor.

If you can, wiggle your toes within your shoes, feel the energy moving on up your legs, into your body and down your arms. Wiggle your fingers. You are now feeling alert and full of creative energy.

In your own time, open your eyes and fix on something blue within the room. Stand and stretch if you wish and bring yourself fully back into the present.

Before you resume your daily activities make sure you are fully alert, have a glass of water and pause a while before you begin with renewed energy.
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