4 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying

Mouth of truthWe all do it, let’s not lie to ourselves!
‘How are you?’   ‘Oh I’m fine, thanks’, can actually mean ‘I feel awful and really don’t want to talk about myself. Please go away’. We’d feel rude saying the latter and so we indulge in a little social lying or fibbing.

It is possible to become very skilled at lying. But if you are feeling at all negative about the lie you are telling there are some give away signs; they are micro changes of nuance in your mood and body language.

Here are 4 to look out for:

  • Literally guarding the mouth, holding fingers or whole hand up in front of the mouth when speaking.
  • Lots of eye rubbing. It can, of course, just mean tiredness, but may mean one is lying, or think that the peron speaking is lying.
  • Nose touching can be a sign of untruthfulness. It may occur once or several times in a conversation.
  • Pulling at your collar, rubbing arond the neck can indicate the speaker feels uncomfortable about what they are saying.

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