RenewYou – What is Personal Development?

I have a one day personal development course for women, RenewYou.

To date, hundreds of women have enjoyed and benefited from the course and at some stage most asked the question, what exactly is it, Jane, what do you mean by personal development?

It’s an easy and yet strangely difficult question to answer and I certainly haven’t managed it on Twitter in 140 characters! So here’s a post on the  topic, and a bit more information on how my one day personal development course for women, RenewYou came about.

women's personal development, course for women, women's courses,This is what Wikipedia says about personal development (well, the very short version!)

Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

That’s a pretty good definition actually. The day on RenewYou will help you unlock some of that hidden potential and discover and develop your talents. RenewYou is not really a training course (although you can put it down as CPD and it is very effective for organisations undergoing change), it’s all about you. It’s not competitive, it’s about the uniqueness of you, about what you want to do. My number one rule for the day is never compare yourself with anyone else, just focus on you.

(More on that here ‘Personal development or Training?’)

I arrived into the personal development field almost by accident. I’d been a hands on social worker for some time, working with disadvantaged women, and running groups etc. Then I moved into management where the opportunities to be helpful seemed few and far between. I very much enjoyed developing staff who worked with me but it wasn’t really enough. During a major merger and restructuring change programme I jumped at the opportunity to run some personal development courses for all our support staff and the equivalent staff of the other organisation. They loved it and I loved it and it really boosted their confidence to manage the changes ahead (Confidence in one’s abilities is the first thing to go when staff are facing change). And so I did my own bit of personal development, had a serious think about what I wanted from life, and I set up my own business.

RenewYou came about because I have always been passionate about equality for women. I know one of the major stumbling blocks for women is a lack of confidence in their own abilities and I wanted to do something to address that. I wanted a course that women could walk away from thinking, “I can!” I wanted them to feel great and (jargon alert) empowered. I wanted a one day course that wouldn’t make women feel lots of ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ but that would leave them comfortable in their skin, be respectful of  their situation, but that would open up the possibilities in their life and help give them the confidence to just go for it! To be the best that they could be.

I’d had numerous conversations with women who had been subjected to well meaning, but ultimately damaging, personal development type bits of training and it had frankly put them off for life! So when I designed RenewYou I started with the premise that no one would be made to feel anything but good about themselves.

I designed the course some years ago and have refined and added to it in response to feedback. Actually, all the feedback has been massively positive as you can see on the RenewYou page but you can always improve!

When you come on a RenewYou course you get a day to think about you, and what you’d like to be doing over the next 12 months. It’s not about making you be anything; it’s your decision where you choose to go with the day. It’s supportive, friendly, informal, inspirational and encouraging!

personal development women, women's courses, confidence boosting course women,However, I did feel one thing might be lacking. I’ve had masses of feedback to know that the effect of the day lasted a long time, long enough for women to start making positive change in their life but I wanted to add something extra. I wanted participants to go away with another tool to keep them motivated and energised, and so the RenewYou Journal was born.

I wanted a book that would feel good to hold, great to write in, and that would be packed with inspirational stories and articles to keep you motivated for a whole year. Every participant gets their own journal to use throughout the day (just bring a pen) and to keep by their side for the next 12 months. Each week you’ll find something to read for the 52 weeks of the year, sometimes inspiring, sometimes another personal development exercise, sometimes some straightforward information, but all designed to keep you motivated and enthused.

In the final section of the journal are 13 interviews with some amazing women from around the world to give you a boost of inspiration any time you want!

“It was a truly inspirational day, which has left me feeling more positive and motivated in my immediate and long term future. My ‘plan’ is already in action!”

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