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I am personally running 2 RenewYou events at the Bristol Law Society, October 9th & November 28th!

When did you last take time to stop and really think about the life you are living, the job you are doing? Are you looking for something to give you an instant boost, last a for whole year, yet takes up just one day in your busy life? Something to revive your enthusiasm, and get you up and at ’em, and firing on all cylinders? Yes? Well, congratulations, you have just found it!

It’s been my lifelong passion to help women be the best that they can be. RenewYou has enabled me to share that passion with women like you across the world. So many women have now experienced RenewYou and it has helped them take a fresh look at what they want to do with their career, and life in general.

RenewYou is my internationally acclaimed one day personal development course for women. Hundreds upon hundreds of women, like you, have been on a RenewYou course. They have unreservedly loved it and had great results. You will, too. It will truly renew you, your career, your personal life, all of you. It’s not traditional training; it’s all about you. No targets to meet or outcomes to achieve, simply a day to focus on you and what you want to do over the next 12 months with practical tips to help you achieve it. (Oh and definitely no role plays. Never.)

If you’re at a crossroads career-wise or personally, or simply want time away from the hurly burly of day to day life to reflect, read on. RenewYou is a fabulous opportunity to take stock and reflect on what you want from the next 12 months. The name says it all – you’ll leave feeling renewed and re-energised after this friendly, relaxed, yet powerful one day course. It’s all about you and what you want from life. Plus, RenewYou is a great confidence and energy booster and Imposter Syndrome zapper. You’ll find it so much easier to do those things you need to to improve your life, work and home.

What will RenewYou do for you?

Here are some of the benefits to you of just one day spent investing in RenewYou:

  • You’ll get to spend the entire day focussing on YOU and what you want to achieve from the next 12 months – and beyond. How often do you really take time out to think about your life? This is your chance.
  • You’ll identify where you want to be, and how you want to get there using my proven, practical and inspirational techniques.
  • The Institute of Leadership & Management has identified a lack of confidence as holding women back from senior positions. Not if you do this course. You’ll leave with your confidence well and truly boosted and knowing how to maintain that inner belief in yourself .
  • You’ll uncover the thoughts that have previously held you back and frustrated your efforts. Learn how to banish them for ever.
  • You will discover how to connect with your ‘positive self’ and identify your internal mail. Create your personal spam filter.
  • You’ll enjoy the company of wonderful, inspiring women (like you) who share a desire to take charge of their lives, to live consciously. Great friendships have been formed on RenewYou days.
  • You’ll leave with your own brand new, inspirational RenewYou journal (and bag) to continue your progress at home & work over the next 12 months.RenewYou Journal & Folder
  • You’ll have a great 12 month action plan made to take you forward and keep you on track.
  • You will have invested in your own continuing professional development (certificate can be provided)

If you’d like to hear me in interview talking about RenewYou click this link. (Apologies for the background noise, I was in a BBC bar!)

What you get on RenewYou

  • Our next RenewYou is being held in central Bristol at the Bristol Law Society. Please email me for details, no obligation at all.
  • You’ll get your own personal copy of the RenewYou journal (pictured above) which stays with you all year, motivating and inspiring you.
  • Every participant receives a RenewYou canvas bag (replete with gusset, it’s big!) which is on its way to becoming a collector’s item since the tariff on carrier bags was introduced.
  • You’ll also receive a certificate to keep as part of your CPD portfolio.
  • Three months on from your day you’ll receive an interesting motivational boost, PLUS, a free coaching session with me to keep your motivation going!
  • There is a more information about RenewYou here, including testimonials from happy participants.

Cost of RenewYou

Corporates: @£500 per delegate with 20% discount per delegate if sending 2 or more.

Individuals/self employed and registered charities @£400 per delegate (payable in 2 instalments if that’s helpful)

I do try to keep one or two places for women who cannot afford the full fee and who would really benefit from doing the course. Contact me.

Our day starts at 9.30 and finishes at 4.30.

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