The (UK) Women’s Equality Party is Coming!

Posted on April 30th, 2015 by


Now you join the Women’s Equality Party, whatever your political allegiance!

Something exciting is afoot.

A new party is being formed in the UK and one to which I will be giving my wholehearted support. It’s called the Women’s Equality Party.

Here’s the Mission Statement :

Equality for women isn’t a women’s issue. When women fulfil their potential, everyone benefits. Equality means better politics, a more vibrant economy, a workforce that draws on the talents of the whole population and a society at ease with itself.

The Women’s Equality Party will be a new non-partisan force in British politics bringing together women and men of all ages and backgrounds, united in the campaign for women to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that both sexes can flourish.

The Women’s Equality Party will work towards such a society. We will push for equal representation in politics and business to ensure women’s voices are heard at the same volume as men’s. We will urge an education system that creates opportunities for all girls and boys and an understanding of why this matters. We will press for equal pay and equal parenting rights enabling women and men to share opportunity and responsibility in the workplace and at home. We will seek an end to violence against women.

We will bring about change by winning—support, votes and seats. We will not try to present ourselves as a party with an answer on every issue and a full palette of policies. Our focus will be clear and unambiguous and we will not stop attracting votes from the other political parties until they embrace and adopt our agenda of equality.

The website is still under construction but you can check it out on this Facebook link. Among the many women to be involved are Sandi Toksvig, Kathy Lette and Stella Duffy; I’ll give you an update when I know more. Just off now to crack open a bottle of champagne!

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