Pink Toys & Housework – Really? Who Cares?

Posted on January 7th, 2014 by - 2 comments

There was a strong wind of discontent reported in the press recently when a company was criticised for its toy pink dustpan and brush set which was very Pink cleaning setsquarely aimed at girls. Having missed the original story I went on line to look at the offending object (well, I’d done all my household chores for the day and was just darning the men’s socks, so I was allowed).

I found my eye drawn to some of the comments under the original piece. Most were saying this was a storm in a tea cup (presumably  a floral and pink one), that these things did not matter and people were making a mountain out of a molehill.

There may conceivably come a time when these things don’t matter. On that day I will be able to:

  • Open my newspaper and see as many pages dedicated to women’s sport as men; check it out, most days you are lucky to find one paragraph in usually about a third of any newspaper given over to men’s sport.
  • Watch a comedy panel programme which has as equal a representation of women as men. Crikey, there may even be more women than men! Yes, Have I Got News For You and others, I do mean you. One token woman every few programmes is not gender equality and certainly not funny.
  • Make the above comment without a clamouring of ‘but women aren’t funny‘ responses.
  • Open the i paper’s Twittersphere column and see as many women as men not just one out of 7. Over the holidays they had 9 ‘pithy’ (no I haven’t got a lisp) comments culled from the previous day’s Twitter posts. One was a woman. I surmise because that woman was Caitlin Moran they thought it counted for more. Some days a woman never gets a look in at all. Clearly women say nothing of worth on Twitter.
  • Say – yes, we used to have something called Page 3? No, grandchildren, I am not joking. Yes, I know, why on earth would a NEWSpaper want to put young women’s bosoms in every day. No, no one would even think of doing it now, it’s so degrading to women.
  • Not even notice when a woman is given a high profile appointment because women will be equally represented everywhere and it won’t be a news story.
  • Rejoice because so called ‘women’s issues’ will get genuine equal treatment under the law and that law will have been equally as influenced by women as men.
  • Enjoy the changes the female Pope is making to the Vatican….

I could go on and on and on and this is just relevant to the UK, but you get my drift.

How would a gender equal world look to you? Please do share your ideas, funny or serious.

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