3 Great Tips for Managing Stress

Posted on June 17th, 2015 by

Stress is good for you.

No, really it is.

We all perform well when under a little pressure. It’s when the balance tips that we get fraught. That’s when we start to make to make mistakes and send out daft emails, say stupid things in speeches, drink/eat too much or not at all.

Here are 3 tips to do every day:

  1. Walk Tall.

    There is well documented research to show that our posture affects our mood. Slump, slouch, generally mope around with ‘don’t notice me’ written all over you will ensure that happens. Instead, take a deep breath and hold yourself as upright as you can. Walk tall and look the world right in the eye. (Thanks to Val Doonican for that line – anyone remember him?)

  2. Listen to Happy Music.

    Music can have a profound effect on our mood. Whenever I feel in need of a quick cheer up this (below) is where I go. It never fails to make me smile. Take 5 minutes and watch this. (If link doesn’t work for you go here.) Mozart is particularly good, too. Play happy music in car on the way to work, or in your ipod on the bus or train.

3. Smile Regularly

It’s quite possible that if you’re over stressed you’re frowning. You may not even realise it. Frowns create more frowns. It’s kind of hard to smile at a frowning face. Smiling makes you feel better. It’s easy to smile back at a smiley face. Even fake smiling will produce some happy hormones. Which means soon you’ll be smiling for real. Go on, smile!

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Menglish? Do you speak it?

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