Women at War

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Women at Bletchely Park WRENS via BBC

I am glad that we are honouring the men of World War Two; I find it moving and poignant.

However, it’s good to remember the contribution of women too, as in this picture of women working behind the scenes at Bletchley Park.

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Inspirational Woman – Shona Easton

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Shona Easton is a bag lady, in the nicest possible way. She’s a bag designer. If you’ve ever wondered how you become a bag designer we’re about to find out. Shona has been running her own business since 1996 and her own designer label launched in 2002. Jane: Shona, do share, how does one become a bag designer? Did you leave education with the idea of designing bags? Can you do a course in bag design? Shona: Not a course

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Do You Use Your Vote?

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Above, Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested by police as she protests at women not having the vote. This is why I have voted in every single election I have ever had the right to. Always vote, it matters. P.S. RenewYou is my one day personal development for programme for women, licensed to excellent trainers across the world. Check out your nearest one.

Dads Doing Housework Has Positive Effect on Daughters’ Career Ambitions

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Just spotted this from the Association for Psychological Science. In brief, they have carried out some research that says if Dads get very involved in housework and chores within the home, they are more likely to have daughters who will look outside traditional careers for women and go high flying. Isn’t that brilliant news! Presumably most men who defy the statistical norm are men who are pro gender equality anyway so I hope that hasn’t skewed the research. But what

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An Example of ‘Posh’ Sexism

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There has been much media coverage of violence against women and misogyny in the UK press of late. All to the good, prompting hopes that at last a backlash is underway against the unequal treatment of women. I’ve posed the question several times: what can we do? My answer to that is call out sexism whenever we see it, whatever gender we are. If we stay quiet every time women are demeaned or discriminated against in our presence, we fuel

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Quotas for Women? In comedy, politics, work, boards, BBC…?

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Women make up 50% (give or take a few noughts) of the world’s population. In no country in the world do women have complete parity and equality with men. So why is there such an outcry about quotas to ensure that wrong is put right? We have always needed legislation to push social change and heaven knows we need it now. I support quotas. Do you? RenewYou is my one day personal development for programme, licensed to excellent trainers across

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