The ‘Media’ (Yawn) and Lack of Gender Equality

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I really must learn to stop preaching to the converted…read on and see why.

watching tvMy poor husband is getting a tad exasperated by the fact that we can’t sit down together to watch a film or TV programme without me pointing out the inherent sexism on screen.

So am I.

It usually goes something like this:

Me: Of course, any minute now the woman will be naked. Oh there we go, full frontal of the woman.  Even though this is a film about a sex therapist and a disabled man we are not ever going to see the man naked. Far too undignified for a chap to show his penis….

Him: (resignedly) I know….

Me: I’ve counted two roles for women in this film, the rest are all men.

Him: Yes….you mentioned it earlier…

Me: Look at that! 9 men and one woman on that panel. I wonder how she feels?

Him: You said that last week…

Me: What a ridiculous advert! I don’t know any women who orgasm over soap powder. I certainly don’t!

Him: I know….sighing

Anything similar play out in your household?

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To Thine Own Self Be True – Tony Benn 1925 – 2014

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As I write this the death of Tony Benn has just been announced. Tony Benn, a British politician was very left wing in a world where there are few of them left, and yet, despite his politics putting him in the minority, he inspired genuine respect from across the political spectrum. The reasons for this are many but two stand out for me: People talk about him as being very polite and courteous to all he met. And he himself

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The Honeycombs – Early Pioneers of Female Equality?

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I have no idea why this suddenly popped into my head. I think it may have been because I had BBC Radio 2 gently playing in the background as I was working and one of their records must have taken me back 50 years. For whatever reason, I suddenly had this vision of the sixties group, The Honeycombs. I wasn’t an avid fan, in fact I was about 8 or 9 when they first appeared on the screen. They have

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Woman Need Role Models Who Are Women? Of Course!

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It seems a self evident truth that requires no explanation: It helps to have role models in your chosen field, and it helps if those role models are a bit like you. We’ve known that about ethnicity for ages yet somehow the gender question has not received so much attention, until relatively recently. There are several inspiring women and men out there trying hard to combat the very negative, demeaning images of womanhood promoted in the media, as well as

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Inspirational Women – Clare Bottle

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I first met Clare Bottle when she attended one of my RenewYou courses many moons ago; I was immediately impressed with her dedication and ambition. Since that time her career has moved onwards and upwards and she is on a mission to recruit more women into her chosen field. Clare is one of that fortunate group who love what they do: in this case, her chosen career is logistics. Jane: Clare, I confessed to you some time ago that, until

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The Misrepresentation of Women

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Later this month I’m introducing the film Miss Representation to a group of women in finance in Edinburgh. Afterwards there’ll be a panel with some notable women, including Scottish MPs and advocates. I’m really looking forward to it…but… At age 58 I never in my wildest dream imagined I’d be doing this. Not giving the talk, but there still being a need for the talk and the film. I really thought the world would be much more equal for women

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