10 Career Tips for Women – Number 6

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Number Six – Work Out the Baby Thing Before Your Hormones Kick In

I am not, repeat not, telling you what to do re babies and careers. It’s a minefield depending on where you live, access to good child care, preferences, of you or your partner.  There is no one way.

baby sleeping by k r anoopWhat I do believe very strongly is that a radical rethink needs to take place re childcare. We all need for babies to keep on being born and we all need those babies to have good, secure care and love.

I think there are many more alternatives than we currently have and I think men could play a bigger part, and that many want to. However, the gender divide is such that often the man is earning more and society expects that women will stop working and rear the children. Those pressures can create an irresistible force. Stopping work for a few years may be absolutely the right thing for you to do, but it may not be…

So, my tip is well before you get to the baby or no baby stage you think through just what you want to do (and your partner) and then plan for it. Do your research and plan your career moves accordingly. Once you find out that you are pregnant is not usually the best time to start having these discussions.

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Caring for Carers

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From time to time I am asked by journalists for a quote or a comment on all things women and am usually very happy to oblige. Recently journalist, Jane Murphy, asked me for my thoughts on caring for a feature on allaboutyou.com, the website for Country Living, Good Housekeeping etc. It’s a topic close to my heart, and to Jane’s. I really like the resulting article and think you will too, especially if you have some caring responsibilities. It’s not

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How to Make Your Dream Come True!

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I have to apologise right now if a slightly smug tone pervades this post. I don’t think I feel smug; I do feel very happy but you know, when you write things down it can sound wrong… As to why I’m happy, more of that later. First a question for you. Do you have a long held, cherished dream? It’s a question I often ask when I’m running groups and women usually say yes. If you do, take it out

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10 Career Tips for Women – Number 5

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Number 5 – Negotiate Your Salary and Don’t Be Embarrassed If you’re employed, someone is paying you (if you’re self employed one hopes that is true too but it’ll be several people paying you!) The evidence is incontrovertible, men get higher pay than women. I’m sure that you’d agree this is wrong. There are a myriad of reasons but one of them is that women simply don’t ask for enough at the negotiation stage. Resolve not to be one of

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Whoopidoodah! The BBC has TWO Women on it’s Flagship News Show. Only took them until 2013!

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Well, women got the vote in 1918 (or over 21s in 1928) and yet the BBC still make news in 2013 by actually having two women for the very first time presenting its flagship radio news programme, Today. Whoopidoodah BBC…perhaps. Is it a cause of celebration or one for scornful laughter. I can’t quite decide. I interviewed Sarah Montague, one of Today’s presenters and until this month the only female one, and she told me that the Today newsroom is

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Women – 51% of the Population But Where Are They? The female cloak of invisibilty…

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But women make up only… 22.5% of members of the UK parliament 15.6% of High Court judges 10% of bank CEOs 5% of national newspaper editors 0% of the bank of England Monetary Committee It’s unbelievable but it explains a lot.   Source: The Fawcett Society Thinking of expanding your training business? Are you passionate about empowering women? I have a brilliant opportunity for you! To find out more, click here.

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