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Posted on September 18th, 2015 by

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A few months ago, at the start of the summer, I launched something new on the Changing People blog. I called it, rather prosaically, Businesswomen Share Their Tips. (Or the old girls network!) To date we’ve had Elaine Clark, an accountant, Zita Alves a fitness expert, Cate Nelson-Shaw, a marketing expert, and Helen Reynolds, an image consultant. A pretty eclectic group.

The idea is that we share some of their experiences with you and build up a resource on the site for all you aspiring businesswomen, or those looking for a career change, as well as being interesting stories to read. Now we’re all back at work following the summer breaks (I hope you had a great one) it seemed a good idea to share the details again. Women helping women, it’s what we’re all about.

What I Need From You (aka The Rules)

If you yourself would like to submit something, please do. Alternatively, share this with any women you know who might be interested. It’d be great to get a really good range of experiences and advice. This is all you need to do:

Please reply to this in the order given as it will make it much easier for us to read. We’re looking for about 500 -700 words.

  • You must nominate yourself . Please also tell friends etc but they must make their own nomination to me. This is not time to hide one’s light under a bushel. Be bold!
  • Send us an email with heading Woman in Business/Professional Women Nomination.
  • Put your full name & address, telephone number, website if you have one, in the email. It’s OK if you’re outside the UK, we have an international readership and really welcome diversity.
  • Describe your business/role in one, at most two paragraphs. Try to be both succinct and honest. This is about helping everyone. It’s not an advertisement though, so please don’t just cut n’ paste your advertising copy or give us your J.D.
  • Tell us when you began your business/moved into your career field and what prompted you to go into business for yourself, or choose this career. What were you doing beforehand? You get another paragraph for this! I’m so kind…
  • List the top three things you’ve learned, tips you’ve been given, or advice you want to share.
  • Add a high resolution picture of you, plus a company logo, picture of shop, product, etc if you can. You can link back to your website or your company page.

And that’s it. I look forward to hearing from you!

Speak Up is now available in the click of a keyboard. For women who want to get ahead. More information is here.

Unconscious Bias – Bringing your brain into line!

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Unconscious bias, or, more aptly, the problem you don’t know you have, is a significant factor in why we have few women in some key roles traditionally associated with men. We have multiple decisions to make each day and so much information is coming at us from all directions. We like to think we’re making considered and informed choices. The reality is that for much of the time we’re not. This is very true when making job appointments. It’s a

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Why Golden Skirts Do Not Help Gender Equality

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I am in favour of having quotas for women on boards but I do recognise the inherent problems. Namely, companies are scrabbling to find women to sit on boards and may promote women to them who have insufficient knowledge or experience.

Women, Self Esteem, and How to Get It

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Self esteem,, or rather lack of, is always cited as a big issue for women. Read what Christine Webber, psychotherapist, has to say on the topic.

Inspirational Woman – Catherine Mayer

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Catherine Mayer, along with Sandi Toksvig, founded the Women’s Equality Party in 2015. Read her in interview with Jane C Woods and find out what prompted her to do it. She is an award winning journalist and author.

Women Only Carriages?

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One of the contenders for the Labour leadership in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, has made a suggestion that ‘women only carriages’ on trains could be a good idea. It would allow them to travel unmolested.

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