Are You a Big Knicker Feminist? (with all due credit to Caitlin Moran & Bridgette Jones)

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If you haven’t yet had the good fortune to come across anything written by Caitlin Moran I urge you to remedy that right now. She is outrageously funny and speaks loud and often on the topic of feminism. It’s rare for me to read something on feminism that makes me think again, and laugh out loud but she has done it.

She has a new novel out, How to Build a Girl. Buy it. I laughed until I cried. I shook the bed laughing so much that I woke my husband up. It prompted me to go back and read her autobiography How To Be Woman. You must buy that too.

Since reading it it has had a profound effect on my choice of knickers. Let me share an extract with you but I warn you: this may damage your relationship with underwear for ever.

Caitlin Moran

Women need, as a basic right, to be given enough underwear for it to cling to their exteriors, like a starfish – and not slowly become pulled into the deep gravity of their inside, and get internalised, due to motion friction. It’s insanity.

I’m going to lie this right on the line, right here, right now: I’m pro big pants. Strident feminism NEEDS big pants. Really big. I’m currently wearing a pair that could have been used as a fire blanket to put out the Great Fire of London at any point during the first 48 hours or so. They extend from the top of my thigh to my belly button and effectively double up as a second property that I can escape to at the week ends. If I were going to run for parliament it would be solely on a platform of ‘Get Women In Massive Grundie’s’.

(She goes on to talk about the amount of knicker on display through tight trousers, low cut jeans etc)

And what these results tell us is that there is scarcely a women in Britain wearing a pair of pants that actually fit her. Instead of having something that, sensibly and reassuringly contains both the buttocks – what I would call a good pair of pants – they’re wearing little more than gluteal accessories, or arse trinkets…………With my own eyes I have seen women walking around out there with anything between two and eight buttocks – and placed anywhere between the hip and the mid thigh……Women, this manner of underwear cannot be an act of sanity. Why are we starving our bottoms of the resources – like an extra metre of material – to stay comfortable? Why have we succumbed to pantorexia?

I think you can probably guess her conclusion to that final question.

So, time to storm the lingerie departments! Become a big comfortable knicker feminist and join the revolution! Caitlin Moran, I salute you.

PS To avoid all doubt, you can wear what knickers you like to one of the many RenewYou courses happening around the UK and beyond. And no one paid me, or even gave me a free copy, to write this. I just want to share the joy!

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