Is The UK a ‘Sexist, Boys’ Club’?

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UN ManjooWell, apparently so, if a recent report from the UN is to be believed. Rasghida Manjoo, a UN special rapporteur has conducted a survey and concluded that sexism in the UK is more ‘in your face’ than even countries like India.

That is hard to believe. Are we really that bad? I do hold the view that in terms of gender equality we have begun to go lose ground over the last decade. No progress has been made for some time, witness the lack of female MPs, women on boards, pay differentials and so on.

Read and hear what Rasghida said here, in a BBC interview, and make up your own minds.

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Confidence. Why Men Have It and Women Don’t….

Posted on April 15th, 2014 by - 1 comment

Regular readers will know I’m an avid BBC Radio 4 listener. Occasionally this is bad for my health, as it was this week. The programme had an item on about some research that showed women have less confidence than men. A short discussion then ensued with some experts saying how women could behave. Nothing new there and I have been blogging about this for years (See So Women, You’ve Got No Confidence? written in 2011, for example. Cripes, I so

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Are You Standing Up for Yourself?

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Do you feel like some days the world thinks you’re wearing a door mat to work? Do people tell you how wonderful you are as they leave the office early on a Friday while you ‘just cover the phones’? Do you wish you had the courage to say No at least once a day? Being nice is lovely and helps the world go round. Helping people out is a wonderful trait and to be encouraged. However, you also need to

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Are Bobbly Bumps on Your Chest Bad for You? Discuss

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Grab a cup or glass of something cheering, make yourself comfortable, and I’m going to tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Once upon a time, on a planet many light years from ours, there lived a race of beings of supreme intelligence. Being of supreme intelligence they realised that they could always learn lessons in life, even from the most unlikely of sources. On the day which starts our story the supreme being who was

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Are You Serious About Gender Equality?

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Opportunity Now released it’s report on women in the workplace on 1st April. No April fool but deadly serious stuff. Watch the video. Project 28 – 40 If the clip doesn’t open for you please click this link. You can also download the full report by clicking this link. Make it happen. I have a one day programme for women called RenewYou. We’re currently licensing excellent trainers to run this programme around the world. If this interests you, please check

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Boardrooms Need More Women

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I wonder if every time a man on a board sees that statement he reads ‘Boardrooms need less men‘ and becomes even less inclined to take action on gender equality? Progress in this area is painfully slow, as the following shows: The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) on the latest data from Lord Davies of Abersoch on Women on Boards and the Cranfield University School of Management’s Female FTSE Board report shows females make up 20.7 per cent of board positions

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