Petticoats in Parliament? I wish…

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This is one of the many anti suffrage postcards which abounded when women were fighting for the right to vote. Modern day trolling has nothing on the viciousness of some of the images around then.

I’d absolutely love to see this scene in the UK Parliament!

Picture via BrainPickings

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Four Words You Need to Know?

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Some new words have crept into the feminist lexicon over the last few years. In the interests of keeping you up to date (:>)) I’m sharing a few below. Do let me know if you have others to share. Mansplaining: A man explaining something to a woman in a condescending tone. Manspreading: A man sitting with his legs wide open taking up more space than allotted. Frequently used in relation to public transport. Maninterrupting:  Self explanatory. Bropropriating: I’ve only just

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The (He)art of Selling

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We women are frequently told we undersell ourselves. If we didn’t use men as the yardstick for all human behavioural traits (*sighs heavily), we might hear instead that men frequently over sell themselves (which they do). But we are where we are. In order partly, I suspect, to escape from male dominated business, women are starting up lots of small businesses and striking out on their own. Which means a woman who is not good at selling, either herself or

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Stop! Don’t Hug a Tree, Bite a Lemon!

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You’ve heard it said often: your thoughts can become your reality. Which frankly can sound a bit ‘tree huggy’ if you’re not into that kind of thing. So try this exercise with me now: I am showing you a beautiful large and juicy lemon. It is perfect in shape. Imagine it in your mind’s eye. Hold it in your hand and feel the lemon skin with your fingers. Push a nail into the skin and smell the gorgeous citrussy scent. 

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Do We Really Need More Women in Research?

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My answer to that is, of course, an emphatic yes. Why? a) Because women make up 51% of the population so we should see a corresponding proportion in most areas of work and b) Because it’s good for everyone. Which shouldn’t be surprising; if you keep groups full of the same type of people they will come up with the same type of ideas. Here’s yet another research project which supports the argument that more women in the workplace is

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Bullying Macho Parliament, No Place for a Nice Girl?

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There was a really interesting interview with Green MP Caroline Lucas in Saturday’s Guardian. I genuinely admire Caroline because, irrespective of her politics, she stays true to herself and maintains a certain dignity in doing so. This is how she described some of the bullying that  goes on in the UK houses of Parliament in an extract from the Guardian interview: “I have seen whips literally pushing people through the aye lobby and the no lobby, even if they are

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