Women’s Leadership Skills – More than the sum of their parts?

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How do we measure women’s leadership skills? I came across this quote in a piece about Petra Kelly, following my interview with Caroline Lucas. It’s  referencing the fact that women may not want to play by the rules that suit most men. It has certainly given me food for thought so am sharing it with you here: Leadership of women is an especially complicated challenge when they are not imitating the rules of competition, authority structures, quotation circles, and power

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Why You Need Radiators (even in the summer).

Posted on July 30th, 2014 by - 1 comment

I have a good friend who had the misfortune to suffer a life threatening illness. Thankfully she is now fine, but it left its mark in many ways, not least in how she views friends. When you are literally in a life or death situation you begin to reassess your priorities. One of the things my friend did was think hard about her circle of friends. Some had been brilliant been throughout her illness and some had not. She used

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Inspirational Women – Caroline Lucas MP

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Caroline Lucas is one of a rare breed, a female Member of Parliament at Westminster. In addition, she is the only (thus far) elected MP for the Green Party. The Green Party is led by another woman, Natalie Bennett, which speaks volumes about Green party attitudes towards women and sets them apart from the main parties at Westminster. We talked in July 2014, just after the Conservative Prime Minister had introduced a few more women into Government. Coincidentally, not long

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You Need a Marketing Plan

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Do not panic; I have not suddenly strayed off piste into the world of marketing and advertising, although in truth it is a significant part of what I do, helping women realise just what they have to offer the world. Whenever I am coaching, or delivering a course, at some point you’ll probably hear me say: “It’s no good being good if no one knows that you are good” You may be Ms Wonderful at your job but if you

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How To Solve Problems!

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Forgive the slightly tongue in cheek title; I’m not really writing a very worthy piece on how to solve all the problems in your life (although if you’d like something of that ilk do read How To Solve a Problem). Instead, I have a question for you: Do you view life as a series of problems to be solved? You may even relish the challenge and be good at it. In fact, everyone may bring you their problems to solve,

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Women & History & Bath’s Fashion Museum

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“The war is usually seen through military eyes. However, it could not have been won without the efforts of millions of women. They proved what they could do – what took a great deal longer was to convince everyone that they should do it.” ‘Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One’ by Kate Adie, (Hodder & Stoughton) The history of the contribution of women to history is not a glorious one; so often the

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