Women, 4 Reasons Why Being Catty Is Good

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Cats don’t suffer fools gladly. Cats cuddle up to you when they feel like it. Cats can catch their own food. Cats walk their own path.   Thinking of expanding your training business? I can help you. To find out more, click here. *Photo Courtesy of Johnyburg, StckXchge

Are You in Charge of You?

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Caitlin Moran, pictured above, is never afraid to Speak Up.  I just love her. She inspires me to be bold when I might be tempted to take the more ‘safe’ route. Some people will find the word vagina in a blog post more shocking than the daily portrayal of women’s bare bosoms in a daily newspaper. Now that is truly shocking. Caitlin also inspired this post: Are You A Big Knicker Feminist? Who inspires you to be bold? Are you

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How Magic Happens

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Are you old enough to remember life before the internet? I am, but it still feels like it’s always been here. I distinctly remember hearing a news item about it when our children were quite small and thinking: We’ll never have that, it’ll be far too expensive.  I had no idea that the web would totally transform my life. It’s a form of magic, really. A dozen years ago I was office bound in a job I’d outgrown. I was

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No More Page Three Video Triumph

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I’ve been a supporter of the No More Page Three campaign since it started (check out this early interview with one of the founders, Lucy Ann Holmes). No More Page Three is a campaign group committed to removing photos of bare breasted women and girls, (posing provocatively on page three each day) from a best selling daily U.K. newspaper. They believe, as do I, that this is disrespectful to women and is a contributing factor in the continuing inequality between

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Why Sometimes It Just Has To Be ‘Women Only’.

Posted on October 14th, 2014 by - 3 comments

Regular readers will know I am not anti men. Far from it. I am, however, pro changing the world so women get equal treatment, and I’m very pro raising awareness of just how unequal that treatment is, even in many enlightened organisations and businesses. Our workplaces and businesses have been designed by men, for men. Working practices are designed to meet male requirements. One classic example – working practices take little or no account of the need for the human

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Stop Working So Hard. Seriously. Stop It!

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If you’re working really hard at your business or career and still end up in the same place it’s time to stop. I’m serious; down tools right now. Stop. Hard work never killed anyone, the saying goes. This may be true but it can go a long way to sapping your energy and enthusiasm. Are you on a daily treadmill of working longer hours yet not moving anywhere? Lots of movement, yet too little meaningful progress? I’m seeing this more

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