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Hello, I want to be very upfront with you about what you see on this site. I am a business woman and my web site exists to promote my business; it’s my ‘shop window’. Since my business (and my passion) is helping and supporting women there is masses of free material here which does just that. I hope after looking through it you will know a little more about me and feel happy to use my services if the occasion demands, but most of all I hope you enjoy what you read.

I accept advertisements on this site, if I think they are ‘honourable’ and will be of interest to my readers. They are very clearly ads and will be stand alone on the site. Everything should be transparent so if you have any questions, simply ask me.

If you are a marketer, please note I DO NOT accept other people’s blog posts, or include links, infographics etc. I write all my own material. I get so many unsolicited requests each day that, I’m sorry to say, I can no longer reply to them all.

I do get sent books from time to time but I only review them if I think they are helpful. I don’t write reviews rubbishing books and I don’t write reviews for money. They are always my personal views.

If you have a negative experience with anything advertised here I would like to hear about it. If I promote anything or anyone in my posts, however, it’s because I genuinely think they are good, or will be of interest to you (usually both) and not because I am being paid to do it. If anything is not clear, please ask me.

Changing People has a non-executive advisory board comprising:

Penni Brown, CEO Hica UK

Kim Holmes, Training Expert

Iain Kirby, Business Analyst

Sue Paulley, Financial Expert/Accountant

Jo Parry, Marketing Expert

10% of all sales through the site, including advertising revenue, are donated to the women’s charity WomenKind

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