5 Day Women’s Personal Development Course

5 short posts each day this week to give you a great confidence boost. Each will take you about 5 minutes to read,and one day of practise, yet the rewards can be enormous!


Day One – Women’s Personal Development Mini Course

For today, try to silence that inner critic; that nagging little voice that may be telling you:

  • that you can’t do things
  • that you’re no good
  • that no one will take you seriously
  • that women like you don’t get top jobs

Instead, replace it with an’ I am your top supporter’ voice. Turn each of those negative thoughts into something positive. The minute your hear that internal spam starting up just notice it, and think, ‘Oh interesting, I’m having a spam thought,’ and then firmly tell it “Actually, today:

  • I can do this
  • I am good at what I do,
  • people do take me seriously
  • people just like me get top jobs

Stop judging yourself and start appreciating yourself. You are amazing!

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