Three Things for Friday!

No, I haven’t invented a new tongue twister (try saying it out loud!), just a quick exercise to maximise your learning from this week and help you realise how fabulous you are!

As you read this, follow the instructions.

Take a pen (or several coloured pens to boost your creativity) and without too much thinking write down:

1) Something new I learned this week.
(Examples- how to use a new IT programme, a piece of family history, how not to get cross when complaining…)

2) Someone new I met this week.
(Could be a new postie, a colleague on the phone, all sorts!)

3) Something I did really well this week.
(Don’t hide your light under any bushels! Did you help someone? Did you finish a tricky report? Did you cope well with a set back? Did you get some new business? Did you cheer up a friend?)

Now look down your list, give yourself an imaginary pat on the back and go off and enjoy you week end!


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to “Three Things for Friday!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JaneCWoods, jackiewalker. jackiewalker said: RT @JaneCWoods: New post! 3 Things for Friday! / yay giving my back big pats!! […]

  2. We all need reminding to stop being such hard taskmasters don’t we! Thanks Jane, I’m patting liberally for this week!

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