No 1 You Can Be Fabulous in 2011!

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Welcome to the first in a series of tips for being fabulous in 2011! You are probably already more fabulous than you realise (check this out); but as the old year draws to a close I suspect you may end up berating yourself for all the things you didn’t do in 2010, or didn’t do as well as as you wanted.

Review Your Year – Positively!

When I’m running my personal development courses for women there is one thing all are universally good at – listing their faults and telling me what they can’t do! Faced with the question, “tell me what your strengths are” the room falls uncharacteristically quiet…

And so when you review your year, with the aim of setting yourself some goals and resolutions for 2011 try and resist the urge to focus on what didn’t work. Don’t waste your energies on negative stuff. Instead, take five minutes now to think about what DID work well for you in 2010 and plan to do more of that!

List all your successes in 2010, small, large, and medium! Think across all areas of your life: love, home, friendships, hobbies, education, personal development and career. And remember, it’s your definition of success that counts!

Only when you have done that can you begin to think about your new year resolutions for 2011!

There is a longer exercise to try here.

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