Career Tips for Women # 13

Mind Your Language

Language is hugely powerful and without realising it we can weaken our impact simply by using the wrong words.

Powerful language enables us to take control.

Here are some communication styles that weaken your impact when speaking at work:

It’s my feeling that…‘ (It’s easy to dismiss comments as just her feelings.)

I’m sorry, but...’ (what are you apologising for? Have you done something wrong?)

I think that it might be better if…‘ (Too many justifications.)

‘I‘ve got a problem with…‘ (just state the problem, don’t make it your fault.)

If you believe something is wrong try just saying it straight. You don’t need to make people feel better about something by first putting yourself down.

And you certainly don’t need to apologise for having an opinion!

What are your personal dislikes when it comes to language at work?


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2 Responses to “Career Tips for Women # 13”

  1. sharon says:

    Invaluable lesson. Till today I did all the above mentioned and always left wondering why I was thought of as weak. Thanks. I can see things changing for me already.

    • Jane says:

      I think there are times when all those phrases might be appropriate but you have to pick your time and place! Glad you enjoyed the post Sharon, thanks for commenting.

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