Feeling Stressed?

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If you are feeling a little pressurised at the moment, for whatever the reason, there are probably several options you can take. But sometimes it pays to go back to the simple things in life.

Make sure that you are eating healthily. That is, giving your body enough nourishment in the form of good and wholesome food enabling you to function at your best. Think of it as putting high grade petrol in your tank. The cheap stuff works but the car goes more smoothly and efficiently with the right fuel.

Take your lunch break every day, away from your desk.

Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep for you. One of the best ways I found to enable my children to sleep well was to establish bedtime routines. That signalled that it was night time and sleep was the order of the day. I don’t think it’s any different whatever age you are. OK, you may not get a bed time story but make sure that you don’t read heavy work papers late at night, leaving your brain whirring with information. Try not to have any work material in your bedroom. You could take a warm and comforting bath, giving your body a signal that now is the time for rest.

Just try those two things, eat well and rest well, and you may find that some of the problems become much more manageable.

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